About Us

Tom Neltner

National Director

Tom Neltner is a chemical engineer and attorney dedicated to chemical safety issues. He is using his quarter century of experience in government, industry, academia, and non-profit advocacy to protect kids from harmful exposure to lead.

Shakoora Azimi-Gaylon

California Specialist

Shakoora Azimi-Gaylon is an environmental program manager committed to environmental health by advancing policies and programs to reduce environmental exposures. She has over 15 years of experience in managing water quality, public health and ecosystem management. Shakoora has directed the development of primary prevention strategies to guide public health decisions in California, and provided the leadership needed to reduce the risks before children are exposed to lead.

Grace Hopps

Communications Manager

Grace Hopps is a recent graduate of the University of Mary Washington, where she received a B.A. in English. She has previously worked as a junior web and copy editor at Development Services Group, Inc., and as Editor-in-Chief of the Rappahannock Review.